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There are a couple things which make this a bit more difficult. It is important to remember that any radiocarbon date is a probability - not an absolute answer.The first is that the amount of 14C in the atmosphere has change over time. This surcharge covers the cost of the second analysis.The cellulose extraction service isolates and analyzes only the holocellulose fraction of the wood for analysis.

We also don't just provide a date, but also context to help you interpret the information.Typically a date costs around 5, but sometimes special procedures are needed to guarantee accuracy.This can include collagen extraction, sample purification, and the removal of contaminants.Over the course of our lifetimes, we take in 3 isotopes of carbon.The ratio of the first two - 12C and 13C - can tell us about the diet of an animal, or the drought-resistance of a plant.

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Occasionally, during times of exceptionally high demand, the service may not be available, or it may be available for a limited number of samples.

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