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But over the past two years I have got my head into a good space and now just want to be a good role model for people and show that eating well and getting plenty of rest is what you need to do." In the interview, twice-married Shirley admits that she would like to find love again and has tried online dating, with a brief spell on

Currently 'completely' single after her last relationship ended two-and-a-half years ago, she said: "If I was in a relationship again it would have to be with somebody that really cared about me, who was kind, caring and loving." Liverpool-born Shirley also talks about how she has overcome the initial criticism she faced when joining the hit BBC 1show. "There are always some people that like what you do and there's always going to be some who don’t like what you do.

And before anyone protests that the profile is a fake, London-based Badoo have confirmed that the account in the picture is verified, explaining that “the profile is Facebook, phone number and photo verified”.

Scott, who used to date Kourtney Kardashian, was called out for being on the app by her sister Kylie Jenner’s ex Tyga.

So Scott can expect her dad, crooning legend Lionel, to be yelling “Helloooo” through his letterbox any moment now.When the interviewer finally asks her a question — “Were you there [at the London concerts], Mrs. ” — she hides her mouth behind her hand as she answers quietly, “I was there, but I wasn’t at the shows.” The next question — “When were you married?” — leads Lewis to wrap his arms around Gale as she looks away.actress is dating director Darren Aronofsky, a source close to Lawrence tells PEOPLE.“They’ve been hanging out and are casually dating,” says the Lawrence pal.

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In fact, “Beard Game Matters” is so popular that its founder, Mike Mc Millan, announced Beard Game, a dating site for men with beards and the women who love them. Beard Game Singles is launching in the next 24 hours,” he wrote in a Facebook post of the group on Sunday.

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