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He would beat or strangle them until they lost consciousness.

When they woke up, he would repeat the process before finally killing them.

His legal cases continue as authorities are actively investigating his connection to unsolved murders. The show speaks to several people involved in the case, many of whom rarely give interviews.

Decades after Alcala’s horrific crimes, the victims’ families are still grappling with the pain that he inflicted.

I kind of pictured him as a pied piper: people wanted to be around him and follow him.

I find him very different from Huck, and I approached them in different ways.” Alcala’s first known crime took place in the late 1960s, when he lured a child into his apartment, raped and beat her.

“I called the police and said my daughter’s missing,” Connelly tells the show.

He had already murdered at least two women in Southern California.I also didn’t want to use that or let that inform me too much because then you’re playing the ending of the film.If just reading about his crimes made you feel ill, what were the most challenging scenes to actually shoot?By the next morning, they declared it a kidnapping.” About 12 days later, her decomposed remains had been found, scavenged by animals.Connelly recalls what happened when the authorities arrived at her house.

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A good samaritan happened to spot Alcala picking up the girl and called the police, which allowed them to get to her before Alcala could kill her.

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