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You can learn more about We Chat on Wikipedia, and learn how to register on Wiki How.

In this lesson, we will learn how to chat with your friends using We Chat.

But then there is always scope for improvement, and the question “Can it do it all? How often have we texted a friend on our “favorite” messaging application, only to ask them to come online on our “favorite” video call application?

Well, We Chat attempts to bridge that gap, creating an integrated solution for all your social interactions (well almost), be it Video Calls, Texting, Voice Messaging, Media Sharing, etc.

I can speak Vietnamese, Chinese both Mandarin and Cantonese, English, Korean and a bit Finnish ...

In the crowded space for Social Messaging applications, it’s hard to imagine making the shift from our existing favorites to something new.

I am here to meet new friend and find my way on future career also.

Anyway, you can ask me anything about life, studies, ...whatever...

A few other notable features include a Facebook timeline like ‘Moments’ section, a Shake-to-add contacts around you, as well as a look around feature that finds people near you using the application.

The feature allows, media to be shared instantly, and works as well as the best out there.

Video and Image transfer was quick, and sharing media is easy clicking a button.

It also allows you to convert images to Emoticons and offers a wide range of smiley’s with Emoji support as well as preset emoji-art templates.

worked well and message delivery is instant, although a few features that I missed were the delivery/read notifications, time-stamps for messages, ability to change notification tones, and prevent notifications when the app is open.

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