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To me, watching the sun set over the horizon of the Pacific is a magical experience that never gets old.

Being connected to nature is my peace of mind, my sanctuary, something that is important to me, recharges me, and something I wouldn't trade for any money in the world.

Opposites attract — I have never been quite comfortable in the water.

I didn't grow up near the ocean, nor did I swim regularly or play water sports as a kid.

), wood, knots, currents, and cardinal points than I have throughout my entire life.

My sailor started swimming when he was a little boy, played water polo throughout his life, and started sailing when he was a teenager.

Growing up, my family and I went on numerous vacations by the ocean, something I enjoyed very much as a child.

The older I got, the more and more I became frightened of the open water.

The ocean's breathtaking beauty comes at a price, and for some this might be an extreme comparison, but I perceive the ocean as a fine line between life and death.

I’m not saying every single Navy wife and girlfriend is BFFs with everyone else, but I’ve always been impressed by how helpful people are, especially while the guys are on deployment. This one doesn’t apply to all the branches, and it doesn’t always work out with the Navy, but I was able to visit my man while he was on deployment and I know a couple other people who’ve had the same opportunity. It may sound like a strange idea, but I really believe that being with someone in the Navy (or one of the other four branches) allows you to really appreciate the other person more and ‘rekindle that spark,’ as it were.

Hi Anonymous, I understand what you are going through and it's not fun.

It has a meditative, calming, and soothing effect on me.

Just sitting by the beach and listening to its healing sounds is something I could do for hours on end.

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Sailing is a sport that is highly dependent on the weather.