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It was abandoned by the British in 1772, taken over by Virginians in 1774 and renamed Fort Dunmore. The map itself was probably prepared earlier by "Cap. It shows the river system around Pittsburgh located at upper right. This map can be compared with the 1860 one below, also based on Mc Gowin's map. Thurston published Directory of Pittsburgh & vicinity for 1857-1858, which could be the source or a companion piece of this map.

It was again abandoned when the new Fort Fayette was constructed in 1791-92. "Crawfd" is undoubtedly Colonel William Crawford for whom Crawford County in Pennsylvania is named. This little woodcut from a school geography book is one of the earliest views of Pittsburgh as a developing industrial center with burgeoning river traffic. Although dated 1855, this map appeared in an 1859 edition of Colton's General Atlas, the same map appeared in several editions. It is printed on poor paper and this copy has some condition problems; apparently originally folded for a book or report.

This is the form of the fort begun in 1759 and the foundations and a surviving blockhouse can be seen today at Point State Park in Pittsburgh. There are no Point bridges, one bridge across the Mon called the Suspension Bridge.

In 1896 the state government published Report of the Commission to Locate the Sites of the Frontier Forts of Pennsylvania, a large and detailed two volume work with a description on line at .

PLAN OF FORT PITT OR PITTFBOURG, from Mante's History of the Late War, London 1772, reproduced in Winsor which is the image shown here; also reproduced in Egle. The source and exact dating of this map is not known; it is believed to date between 18. The canal enters town across the Allegheny and flows into the basin at the foot of Grant Street. drawn from nature, lithographed & published by Otto Krebs, Pittsburgh, Pa. This bird's-eye view of Pittsburgh shows the Point in the foreground, Birmingham (the South Side) is at the right and Allegheny (the North Side) is in the distance on the left. There is a second Krebs lithograph of much the same scene dated 1874 by the Library of Congress, at whose website both can be see in greater detail.

The lower portion of the left side of the sheet shows a transportation map with railroads, highways and subway lines.

The upper portion displays a close-up view of the financial section including Battery Park.

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The verso displays the fourth map which features Midtown Manhattan above a detailed listing of hotels, churches and places of interest.