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Dating52 ru

The Aramaic section of Ezra employs the same vocabulary, idioms and spelling forms as the Elephantine papyri and is, therefore, from the same time.

Furthermore, the last Persian king mentioned is Darius II (423-405), and the Davidic genealogy in I Chron. 1-9 The genealogical tables in the first section of I Chronicles provide tedious reading and may be drawn from a separate source.

The Deuteronomic interpretation of the nation's past did not go beyond the middle of the Exilic period.

Now, in the post-Exilic era, it was deemed necessary to extend that account and to review history from the point of view of more recent theological developments.

As in Solomon's time the J writer had combined creation mythology and election and salvation traditions, and as in Jeroboam's day the E writer had done the same for the northern kingdom, now, in the light of the experiences of the Exile, a new interpretation of the combined JE sagas was needed.

This need was met by the addition of the so-called P writings.

In other words these writers in the Persian period engaged in the responsible task of continuing or progressive interpretation.

Moses, a Levite and the hero of the Deuteronomic history, is barely noted in passing and is called a "servant of God" (). 1-4 concerning David's mourning for Saul and Jonathan, and the Chronicler moved immediately to the account of David's crowning at Hebron and the conquest of Jerusalem (from II Sam. The list of David's heroes in -41 is the same as II Sam.

No reference is made to his leadership, for the Chronicler was interested in portraying David as the ideal leader. 10 Saul's story begins in the midst of the final battle between the Israelite king and the Philistines and is taken from I Sam. Because of a lack of interest in pursuing any details of the family of Saul, the Chronicler records that Saul's entire house was killed. 23:8-29, but supplemental material in - comes from some unknown source.

In all documents the writer revealed his deep interest in that which pertained to the temple, the Levitical priesthood, temple singers and worship.

There is a consistent emphasis on the importance of genealogies and statistics.

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