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Tango pulls contacts from your existing phone list, and invites users to invite others via email or text.

To make a call, simply tap the contact you'd like to reach in the Tango contact list.

They're worried, apparently, that Face Time could connect children to pornography or sexual predators.

Allow me to offer a simple retort: how many parents out there are giving their tweens an i Phone 4 in the first place? I'm certainly intrigued to see how this all plays out, but I'd argue that if history has taught us anything, it's that porn finds a way.

Parents need to know that Houseparty - Group Video Chat is a video-focused social media app.

Friends (and friends of friends) can communicate with each other via live video and texts.

Because there's no screening and the video is live, there's always the possibility of inappropriate content for children, but that will largely depend on the friends who are communicating.

Parents should note that users can send links to their profiles on the app via a text message to whomever they want, and it's possible to take a screenshot -- even of private groups -- and share it.

This creates an interesting conundrum for Apple, who is notorious for keeping its App Store as squeaky clean as possible (the Chatroulette app didn't last too long, did it? And while developers occasionally find loopholes for downloading sexy pics and whatnot over AT&T's glorious 3G network, Steve & Co.

It might not be able to block the numbers you can call, but since Face Time is Apple's service it could certainly choose to disable the feature from working with certain numbers that have been associated with porn services.

As you might expect, parental watchdog groups are up in arms over these developments.

In fact, lots of teachers assign projects for students to work on as a team using collaborative tools such as Google Docs, Collaborize Classroom, and Edmodo.

The teamwork skills kids build as they work together virtually are as important as the subject they're learning.

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