Hagstrom serial dating

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Hagstrom serial dating

The quality of the prototypes was not on par with their Swedish-made counterparts, so instead of compromising the Hagstrom brand, the company discontinued guitar operation altogether. The Les Paul-influenced Swede was first introduced in 1970, while the higher-end Super Swede (originally called the Swede De Luxe) was introduced circa 1977.

Hagstrom continued to build accordions, and still does today. Hagstrom catalogs are quite vague regarding specifications, but the main difference between the two is that the Super Swede boasts a set neck, while the regular Swede has a bolt-on.

I managed to buy a beautyfull Viking II sunburst in the States. The body was severely damaged, but I'm restoring it and I have all the original parts except for the pickguard which is broken in 3 pieces :-( The neck binding is missing (seems to be missing on a lot of these old ladies) and it will need new frets.

It was the best guitar I ever had, but I got rid of it in 1968 because I thought it wasn't cool like Fender or Gibson. That's why I ended up going back to a Hag because the neck was amazingly fast. It is not in the best condition but it still sounds great and still plays the way a HAG should. The only thing which has suffered from time and playing are the pickups, which have lost some of their gold plating and are slightly corroded. I'd be very glad if someone could give me a RAL number or something which might enable me to reproduce this magnificent colour. As for the paint, I was very lucky and found a colour that looks about 99% like the original.

With the introduction of their pioneering “H” Expander-Stretcher truss rod, Hagstrom was also known for innovation.

This was further evidenced with the Swede Patch 2000—the first guitar with a built-in synthesizer—and the Hagstrom H8, an 8-string bass with four sets of string pairs.

Initially, Hagstrom guitars were visibly influenced by the pearloid finish of the accordions the company produced for so many years, but their guitars became more traditional-looking as time progressed.

A good example is the James D’Aquisto-designed Hagstrom Jimmy, released in 1969.

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Hi Zach, I own a vintage Hagstrom Super Swede with a serial number of 53 078140.