How to backup bios before updating updating data zone ok launching image

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How to backup bios before updating

This is my second thread about Crosshair V Forumula. So, my current version of BIOS is 0903 (updated from stock 0813). after updating bios it is possible to load the saved bios settings file to the new bios version ? Cisco UCS 6x00 does not currently support Layer 3 to Layer 2 COS markings.Additionally, the UC applications and operating systems cannot set the Layer 2 COS markings.Cisco Collaboration may only run on Cisco UCS when virtualized.Other virtualization vendors/products are not supported at this time (e.g. VMware v Sphere ESXi Standard, Enterprise or Enterprise Plus Edition from Cisco Resale OEM (via separate Data Center pricelist SKUs) Customer-provided VMware v Sphere ESXi (direct from, including Standard/Enterprise, Enterprise Plus Editions, site licenses, Enterprise License Agreements, etc.) Click here for a clarification of "free ESXi 4.1" vs.

When you flash bios you can not save the settings because the settings are specific to a particular bios.

Cisco Collaboration apps do not prescribe or proscribe individual ESXi patches and updates.

Cisco recommendation is to apply the latest patches and updates recommended by VMware and your hardware vendor.

Recall ESX and ESXi are architecture options for VMware v Sphere releases prior to 5.0 (click here for a comparison).

VMware v Sphere 5.0 only offers the ESXi architecture option.

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See also UCS Network Configuration for Unified CCE.

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