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turned out to be the most-desired time for intercourse.“I’m not at all surprised that Sunday mornings are such a popular slot for sexiness,” a Superdrug representative told the .In the morning, people wake up sleepy and gradually get more alert.At night, people fight the urge to sleep triggered by getting under the covers at 11 p.m., then get revved up by sex only to pass out again.If sex were dinner plans and capitalism were a dinner partner, this is humans saying, “I don’t know, you decide.” We have sex at night and on weekends because we’re not at work.We have sex before bed because we’ve already taken off our street clothes, brushed our teeth, and gotten in a horizontal position.And because sex usually happens in bed, sex usually happens at bedtime.A small 2005 study from University of South Carolina biologist Roberto Refinetti tracked the sex habits of a few dozen adults and found that the majority of trysts happened on the weekends and just before participants went to sleep, between 11 p.m. A larger 1982 study of married couples found that about two-thirds of participants’ sexual activity took place between 10 p.m. When asked to explain the logic of their sex schedules, 72 percent of Refinetti’s participants said they had sex when they did because it was when they and their partners were free, or because they happened to already be in bed.

Sex lowers stress levels, relaxing participants for the day ahead, and releases endorphins for a boost of invigorating energy.Welcome to the largest collection of nude celebs pics.On the website there are 2.738 celebrities galleries that have been visited 391.386.166 times and have 358.389 pics with a size of 63.33 GB and 7.969 videos of nude celebs.A now-famous study in 1992 found that human participants who spent the majority of their days in darkness naturally fell into sleep cycles that comprised two four-hour periods, separated by a one to two–hour period, just like their forbearers.Post-sleep sex, or morning sex, may be a time-honored human tradition. In a recent Superdrug survey of 2,000 Brits, Sunday at 9 a.m.

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To the extent that sex can be analyzed and planned—sex data doesn’t lend itself to spontaneity—mornings are a far more logical time for it.