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Rappelz updating server

You will always need a launcher to play on our server.It has an update system which will always download and apply all the patches to your client if any single file is missing or different from the one our project provides You can even download the whole client needed for playing using our launcher, but we recommend to use already existing Rappelz 9.1 client to apply only most required updates to it without a need to download the whole client.And this is not an option - it is a rule of our server.During the whole project lifetime we are planning to develop add-ins and perform instant real-time balance of all sides of gameplay - economics, PVP, PVE, classes, and everything else that makes players enjoy the game!The are several things to say about our project to players who meet it and play here.

Creature Enchanter for taming consumables as like mirrors and summoning scrolls, as well as soul taming cards.10. We have almost all decorative items with all the same stats so a player is not forced to chose between decorative item he likes and an item that provides him better stats. All of mounts are fit to static movement speed so the decision of what creature to mount is also a deal of player's eye desire!

We provided higher DROP rates for players besides of a little higher prices for items that are mostly donation rewards on retail!

In-game currency is always in price with no matter how much it has been got from farming, and the farming is really insane!

We also make this possible to fit our server with players needs using the most flexible ideas for contents to be added and native gameplay to be rebalancedfrom a point of view of a qualified and experienced team.

Instead of using one simple and boring NPC that contain "everything", we have all the items distributed between retail NPCs to make a gameplay more like native and bring Rappelz back to it's original look from the beginning.

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The creature will be as more powerful as player takes care of it.

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