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Sex no registration no membership

The table looks something like the following: create table labs ( lab_id integer primary key, patient_id integer not null references patients, test_date timestamp(0), test_name varchar(100) not null, test_units varchar(100) not null, test_value number not null, note varchar(4000) ); -- make it fast to query for "all labs for patient #4527" -- or "all labs for patient #4527, ordered by recency" create index labs_by_patient_and_date on labs(patient_id, test_date); -- make it fast to query for "complete history for patient #4527 insulin levels" create index labs_by_patient_and_test on labs(patient_id, test_name); create table users ( user_id integer primary key, first_names varchar(50), last_name varchar(50) not null, email varchar(100) not null unique, password varchar(30) not null, registration_date timestamp(0) ); create table users_extra_info ( user_info_id integer primary key, user_id not null references users, field_name varchar(100) not null, field_type varchar(100) not null, -- one of the three columns below will be non-NULL varchar_value varchar(4000), blob_value blob, date_value timestamp(0), check ( not (varchar_value is null and blob_value is null and date_value is null)) -- in a real system, you'd probably have additional columns -- to store when each row was inserted and by whom ); -- make it fast to get all extra fields for a particular user create index users_extra_info_by_user on users_extra_info(user_id); If you're using a fancy commercial RDBMS and wish to make queries like this really fast, check out bitmap indices, often documented under "Data Warehousing".These are intended for columns of low cardinality, i.e., not too many distinct values compared to the number of rows in the table.As noted in the "Software Structure" chapter, the more identified, authenticated, and accountable people are, the better the opportunity for building a community out of an aggregate.

One would have to sample the contents of the rows of create table address_book ( address_book_id integer primary key, user_id not null references users, first_names varchar(30), last_name varchar(30), email varchar(100), email2 varchar(100), line1 varchar(100), line2 varchar(100), city varchar(100), state_province varchar(20), postal_code varchar(20), country_code char(2) references country_codes(iso), phone_home varchar(30), phone_work varchar(30), phone_cell varchar(30), phone_other varchar(30), birthdate date, days_in_advance_to_remind integer, date_last_reminded date, notes varchar(4000) ); Note the use of ISO country codes, constrained by reference to a table of valid codes, to represent country in the table above.If you use a desktop application with a graphical user interface to create tables you're losing a lot of important design information.Remember that the data model is the most critical part of your application.You'd build a bitmap index on the Note that numbers are stored in a column of type VARCHAR.Won't this preclude queries such as "Find the average income of a registered user"? Oracle is smart about automatically casting between character strings and numbers.

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Here's how it looks with Oracle: select table_name from user_tables; describe users *** SQL*Plus lists the column names *** describe other_table_name *** SQL*Plus lists the column names *** describe other_table_name_2 *** SQL*Plus lists the column names *** ...

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