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A columnist and fashion icon, Carrie writes daily blogs for an online news site related to relationships.Often Carrie’s blogs and voice act as the narrator and it shares different perspectives of living in New York and being single.“Sex and the City” has proved to be popular with both men and women from around the world and it was so popular they even made two movies based on the series and prequel series called “The Carrie Diaries.”Why it’s great to learn English from “Sex and the City”: “Sex and the City” is a fun and enjoyable watch and it doesn’t take so much concentration.The more you enjoy a show, the easier it will be to learn from it.

For example, you’ll hear words such as “high five,” “legendary” and “awesome” being used a lot.Why “The Big Bang Theory” is great to learn English: It’s hilarious and you don’t even need to understand everything that’s being said to understand what’s going on because the actions are clear.You’ll be able to hear and understand everyday slang in context such as “What’s up?Why “How I Met Your Mother” is a great sitcom to learn English from: Despite the complex time issue, this is a very easy series to understand once you understand the idea of it.There’s a narrator throughout the series (Ted) and this helps explain what’s going on.

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Had enough repetitive exercises for learning English?