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Totally  american somoa dating

Before inviting me for dinner, his daughter sat next to me to translate her father’s words to English and then walked to ‘center stage’ to join her brother playing the keyboard, her other brother on the drums and her mom on the mic for a memorable version of .

It all starts from the marked trailhead just after the Ofu harbor (a 45-minute walk from Vaoto Lodge).

Especially impressive are the giant boulder and mushroom coral, where turtles like to nap at their base and where small fish like to gather at their soup bowl-like top.

In the fish department, you’ll often find yourself completely surrounded by schools of Dartfish, always returning to formation when interrupted.

After walking up and down the beach several times and testing out various spots, I came to the conclusion that the best spot is right across the hurricane shelter.

You’ll see this shack on the side of the road so simply cross over to the beach, where makeshift chairs and tables mark the spot.consumes fish and algae from the coral reef, it ‘poops’ out the undigested coral in the form of pure white sand?

You’ll find here comfortable air conditioned rooms, wooden outdoor (Samoan open air huts) and a grocery shop.

The inn is located on the western side of the bridge, about a 20-minute walk from the prime swimming area of Ofu Beach.

lies just off its coast, though I was told by locals that getting there might seem easy but in fact it’s dangerous and parts of it are scared private land.Should the Asaga Inn be full, there is a colorful grocery shop owner in Olosega Village that also offers rooms for rent.You’ll need to ask around about this option but that shouldn’t be a problem as everybody knows each other over here.And you know what the kicker is: you’ll have this long stretch of pristine beach all to yourself.Aside from the occasional local’s BBQ over the weekend, I hardly saw anyone on the beach during my week in Ofu.

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Touchdown on the beachside runway in Ofu signals the start of the weekly rush hour, as locals greet relatives returning from Tutuila with a big smile, government workers change shifts and a few lucky tourists begin the vacation of a lifetime. Jungle covered peaks hiding rare coconut crabs under the canopy, some of the cleanest air in the South Pacific, sleepy villages waking up only for Sunday church service, and Any traveler in search of a pristine, yet to be discovered destination and with a love for the tropical outdoors – should absolutely make the effort to make it to Ofu. Considering just how remote this place is, the lodge exemplifies the true meaning of paradise – without the need for luxury overwater bungalows..

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