Who is ray william johnson dating anna

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Who is ray william johnson dating anna

According to oceanographer, Rodrigo Mazzoleni, the species is threatened with extinction and rarely appear off the south Brazilian coast.

So I decided to return to the coast to release it safely and get some help.'The exhausted sea farer said: '[The manta ray] was really strong and I was extremely worried that I would get pulled further and further out to sea and capsize as she fought to get away.'Xavier eventually managed to scramble his craft back to the coast.

When Johnson stared You Tube in 2008, he wasn't popular. He got so popular that he became a Youtube partner.

Ray's channel is currently the 12th most subscribed You Tube channel.

Today let us go through one of such celebrities, Anna Kay Akana. Anna Akana is a very famous internet personality known for her You Tube videos that explore simple yet important issues of life. Find out everything from her family to dating life and boyfriend here.

Anna Akana is quite open about her personal life so we would have known if she had a boyfriend, so it is safe to say that she is single.

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His name is Brad Gage and he is an aspiring actor who only last couple of years gets more roles.