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Wpf binding in style not updating

Direct3D is a graphics application programming interface (API) for Microsoft Windows.Part of Direct X, Direct3D is used to render three-dimensional graphics in applications where performance is important, such as games.Another was Tri Tech's proprietary bump mapping technique.

Direct3D initially implemented both "retained mode" and "immediate mode" 3D APIs.

No substantive changes were planned to Direct3D for Direct X 4.0, which was scheduled to ship in late 1996 and then cancelled.

In December 1996, a team in Redmond took over development of the Direct3D Immediate Mode, while the London-based Render Morphics team continued work on the Retained Mode.

Direct X 8.0, released in November, 2000, introduced programmability in the form of vertex and pixel shaders, enabling developers to write code without worrying about superfluous hardware state.

The complexity of the shader programs depended on the complexity of the task, and the display driver compiled those shaders to instructions that could be understood by the hardware.

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The Redmond team added the Draw Primitive API that eliminated the need for applications to construct execute buffers, making Direct3D more closely resemble other immediate mode rendering APIs such as Glide and Open GL.

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